Mini-homework 2a – R Markdown practice


First-time RStudio Server configuration

Very important!

Before you start working on this assignment you first need to follow the directions from this section of Lab 00,  Setting up your RStudio Server account. Follow all the directions from the top of this section to the bottom of the sub-section titled Run the configuration script.

If you already completed these instructions for CDS 102, then you do not need to follow them again.

Obtain the GitHub repository for the activity, which contains a starter file named rmarkdown_practice.Rmd. Use this file and Markdown to re-create the exact formatting of this PDF document   minihw02a_rmarkdown_practice_final_output.pdf. At the top of the document, make sure that you’ve replaced FirstName LastName with your name. Also, the date at the top of your knitted document will, by default, display the current date. This is okay and you do not need to change it to match the sample document.

When you’re ready to submit, follow the directions in the How to submit section below.


minihw02a_rmarkdown_practice_final_output.html is what you should get if you knit to HTML instead of PDF. You may find it helpful to compare your knitted HTML with this to make sure you’re on the right track.

How to submit

To submit your assignment, follow the two steps below. Your homework will be graded for credit after you’ve completed both steps!

  1. Save, commit, and push your completed R Markdown file so that everything is synchronized to GitHub. If you do this right, then you will be able to view your completed file on the GitHub website.

  2. Knit your R Markdown document to the PDF format, export (download) the PDF file from RStudio Server, and then upload it to the Mini-homework 2a posting on Blackboard.


You are encouraged to review and keep the following cheatsheets handy while working on this assignment: