Module 4 exercises


For this module exercise, you will acquire the dplyr demo starter files on Blackboard and follow along with the examples from the Module 4 lecture videos. Fill in the code blocks in the R Markdown file dplyr_demo.Rmd to match what you see in the examples from the videos. You will receive credit towards your module exercises grade if you complete the demos, push your completed R Markdown file to GitHub, and upload a knitted PDF of your completed R Markdown file to Blackboard.

How to submit

To submit your module exercises, follow the two steps below. Your exercises will be reviewed for credit after you’ve completed both steps!

  1. Save, commit, and push your completed R Markdown file so that everything is synchronized to GitHub. If you do this right, then you will be able to view your completed file on the GitHub website.

  2. Knit your R Markdown document to the PDF format, export (download) the PDF file from RStudio Server, and then upload it to Module 4 exercises posting on Blackboard.